Amirabbas Danaei (September 12 ,1988) is an Iranian musician. 

He has started his career from 2007 as a session player in Barbod Band. he was so enamoured with Joe Satriani ,Eric Clapton and Metallica from the beginning. He run his first instrumental concert 5 years later in 2012. He received an award and recommendation in “Iranian Talents” festival in a same year and one year later he won the “Future Artist” title in the Cross Road Festival.

During 2012,he wrote the music for the famous Iranian director “Mehran Modiri” tv series “Shookhi Kardam” which received many positive feedbacks.

As the lead guitarist in Sirvan Khosravi’s band, they recorded several popular sound tracks such as Khaterate To, Ye Roozi Miyai, Soojehat Tekrarie, Khoshhalam, Tanha Nazar, Emrooz Mikham Behet Begam , Hobab(Bubble), Mano Bebakhsh and some others.

2015 is another successful year in Amir’s career when he created and played several tracks for Mehran Modiri’s new TV series “Dore Hami” ,one cinema movie project with Masoud kimiayi “Ghatel e Ahli” and several tracks with Yaghma Golroei.

He played with some other popular musicians and artists such as “Masih & Arash Ap , Shahab Mozaffari, Rastak Halaj, Yasin Torki , ZigZag Band and Xaniar Khosravi.

Amir is working on his first album including Rain, Lalaei, He, Forbidden Zone , Rise , Runaway, About A Man ,sound tracks

He is a now the lead guitarist for “Sirvan Khosravi” ; and several famous musicians.